Artifacts Volume 2 was released in September 2022

Artifacts Volume 2 - a real, red book compact disc!

My latest album is a collection of experimental, mostly electronic songs and instrumental pieces recorded over the last few years.  The album is streaming from all the major music platforms and a limited number of CDs are available.

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These are glass-mastered, replicated compact discs.

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My own projects, as well as others I've been involved with:

Artifacts Volume 2 (2022 LP)
Vanity Rock (2019 LP)
Reconcile (2014 LP)
Artifacts Volume 1 (2013 LP)
Arisen (2006 LP)

CPR 3 (2008 compilation LP - 1 song)
Progressive Rock Hall of Fame (2008 compilation LP - 1 song)

Vertical Alignment
The Trail of Tears Suite (2017 LP - vocals/songwriting/keys)
Native Son (2010 single - vocals/songwriting/keys)
Lost in Space (2010 LP - vocals 1 track, synth 1 track, 1 song)
Immaterial Witness (2020 LP - vocals 1 track)

Flying Dark
No Turning Back (2020 maxi single - vocals/synths/songwriting)
Electropop 16 (2020 compilation LP - 1 song - vocals/synths/songwriting)
Electropop 15 (2019 compilation LP - 1 song - vocals/synths/songwriting)

Kinetic Element
Travelog (2015 LP - vocals 1 track)
Live (2015, 2016 shows - vocals)

Visual Cliff
Ichabod (2014 single - keys)
CPR 4 (2011 compilation LP - 1 song - keys)
Collective Spirit (2010-2011 LP - keys)
Exit Strategy (2021 LP - keys 1 track)

Long Way to Mars (2013 LP - vocals/synth/lyrics 1 track)

The Walk
The Walk (2015 LP - organ 1 track)

Psychic for Radio
Deep State Overlords (2021 single - vocals/songwriting/organ)
Silent Thunder (2023 single - vocals/songwriting/keys)

The Golden Light (2022 single - vocals/songwriting/keys)


A little bit about me and how I got here...

As a kid growing up in the 1970s with mostly a passive interest in music, I never imagined I'd become a musician.  However, by the time I got to high school the muse had found me and I began writing songs and playing in rock bands.

Starting out as an aspiring keyboard player during the 1980s, I eventually discovered singing was more fulfilling; and by the 1990s I ventured out as a lead vocalist.  But after many frustrating years trying to get an original band together, I decided to shift my focus toward home recording projects.

In the early 2000s I began assembling a modest personal studio to record and release my music, and soon after started networking online with artists all over the country.

Two decades on - and many projects later - the muse still remains as I continue to be creatively inspired and seek new opportunities.


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