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These songs have not been released on any of my albums.

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The Golden Light
Written by Mike Florio, David Wallimann and Randy George
David Wallimann - Guitar
Randy George - Bass
Sam Varon - Drums
Mike Florio - Vocals & Keys
Mixed by Jim Roberts

The Crawl
(H5 Remix, 2013)
Written by Mike Florio, Produced with Henry Veloso
Henry Veloso - Guitar, Programming
Mike Florio - Vocals & Keys

Native Son
(Original Version Remixed, 2017)
Written by Mike Florio with Pete Jorgensen
Pete Jorgensen - Guitar, Keys & Background Vocals
Mike Florio - Vocals & Keys
Randall Reader - Will Rogers voice-overs
Jaymi Millard - Bass
Kevin Thomas - Drums

Secrets of Love
(Demo, 2015)
Written by Mike Florio
John Eargle - Guitar
Allan Speers, Eiki Matsumoto - couple of motifs
Mike Florio - Vocals & Keys